Frequently Asked Questions

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What do we wear?

Go to "Dress Code" page. All the information is listed there.

How many couples attend?

The Paradise Club is an intimate, upscale lifestyle club that limits its attendees to 60 couples. Sign up quick as our parties sell out!

How far in advance should we make our reservations?

Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis. We also limit the number of newcomers.

Can we just walk-in?

We prefer you make a reservation prior to your arrival. Walk-Ins will still have to go through the interview process for new members.

What is the age range of members?

We have some of the sexiest people come from miles around, anywhere from mid twenties to late forties! There is always something for everyone!

Where are you located?

We are approximately 15-20 minutes from the Delaware Water Gap in PA. Our exact location is given out  during our interview and after you are scheduled for your first visit.

How confidential is the information we give?

Very. We do not give out information to anyone, including club members. Even as a club member, we will introduce you by your first names only. If you choose to give out any more information, that is your choice.

What is your policy on “SINGLES”?

Our policy is simple; no single men. We are a couples and single female friendly club that caters to a sexy and pressure free environment

What time should we arrive?

We ask that newcomers arrive between 6:45 & 8pm.
Our events start at 8!

What are your club fees?

Go to the “Become a Member” page. All the information is listed there.

How do we make our first appointment to visit?

Go to the "Become a Member" page. All the instructions are listed there.

Must we go through the interview process?

Yes. Everyone who comes here must go through the interview process. You’ll then be given a tour of our club and then have an opportunity to talk with some of our members. Then it’s decision time…. If you like what you see and we feel that you’ll be comfortable here, we’ll offer you a membership!  If you would like to leave and think it over, that’s fine too, but you'll miss out on all the fun!

Are we required to participate in the lifestyle?

No…. The only thing we require from our members is that you make friends and have fun! If you choose to take it further, that would be your choice we promote a no pressure environment. You move at your own pace!

What type of people come to your club?

We cater to a professional and sexy crowd, and there is always something for everyone!

Do you have club rules?

Yes. They are listed under the "Club Rules" page

What amenities does your club offer?

What don't we offer?! Take a peek through our website to see it all!

Are you open on Friday’s?

No we are open Saturdays only with a few exceptions! Keep your eyes peeled for those updates! 😉

What parties are scheduled?

A full list of scheduled parties can be found on the "Upcoming Parties" page and on the side menu. Most parties will have a specific theme which will be detailed in the party description.

Are there hotels/motels in the area?

Yes. We are right in the heart of the Pocono Mountain Region; we have quite a few Hotels, Motels and Resorts within a few miles of us.

Can you send us printed information?

No. Since we have this website, we are no longer sending out printed materials. If you’re reading this information, you will find out more about this club then we were ever able to send by mail.

How discreet are you when you call?

Extremely. We make sure we’re talking with the right person. If someone other than you answers, we simply say we are returning your call and will call back.

Is smoking permitted?

Yes. However, we do try as best we can to separate the smoking areas.

Do you serve alcohol?

No. We cannot supply, pour or in any way provide alcoholic beverages. As a Club Member, you can bring your own bottle (BYOB).
We supply mixers and soft drinks only. You must take your bottles home after each party. Any bottles left will be discarded. Remember to place any open bottles of liquor you leave with in the trunk of your car. It’s the law.

What about drugs?

We have a ZERO tolerance for any drugs on this property. If you are caught, you will be removed immediately, your Membership will be terminated (with no refund) and you will never be permitted to return.

Do you have food at the events?

Yes. We provide a full dinner buffet. We cater our own parties so the menu is always unique and original!

Are you open year round?

Yes. Please check the "Upcoming Parties" page for the full schedule.